Slow Internet? Be Sure To Ask Your Provider These Three Questions

Pages that time out before they load completely, an inability to stream anything, and pages that look like a jumbled mess instead of laid out like they should be--all of these are signs that you are suffering from a slow internet connection speed. It can be incredibly frustrating to face lagging speeds when you are trying to access websites that rely on quick data transfer to properly function. If you are dealing with troubling internet connection speeds, there could be simple reasons and fixes that you should know. Here are three questions to ask your internet service provider if your connection speed is slowing your browsing habits down. 

Are there faster connection speeds available in your area?

In some cases, your internet connection speed will be determined by the distance between you and your service provider. Therefore, if you live in a rural area that is miles away from city limits or your provider, your rate speed can be much lower than someone who lives within city limits. It is always worth asking to find out where internet connection speeds are the best in your location, especially if you are considering a move. However, obtaining this information will also help you get a better idea of what type of internet service would offer you the fastest speed. There can be major differences between DSL, satellite, and fiber cable internet speeds according to your location. 

Could you obtain faster connection speeds as a business customer?

Some internet service providers reserve more of their offered bandwidth for business customers who need it the most and are willing to pay more. Therefore, as a residential customer of the same provider, the bandwidth available to you may be much smaller, which will compromise your connection speed. If you work from home or just need faster speeds for surfing the web and streaming, it could be worth paying extra to upgrade to a business account with your internet service provider. 

Is there a possibility the slow rate is caused by physical compromises?

If your internet connection speed suddenly slows for no apparent reason on your end, there could be an issue in the field that is compromising your data transfer rate. This could be something as small as a loose cable or damaged receptor, but is always worth checking into. Use a connection speed checker online to see what rate your connection is. If it is much slower than what you should be getting, it could indicate that a line technician needs to come out and track down a problem. 

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