5 Reasons To Have A Home Security System

Are you debating whether or not you need a security system for your home? If so, it helps to know these reasons why it's worth having your home monitored when you're not around.

Security Systems Are A Deterrent

Sometimes all you need is for someone to know that you have a security system to prevent them from breaking into your home. Security systems can act as a deterrent. Having a sign in your front yard and other indications that you have a security system will cause a criminal to move on rather than bother messing with your house.

Security Systems Provide Peace of Mind

Having a security system can also give you the peace of mind that you need to know that everything is safe back at your home. You can check in on your home remotely using cameras, see if the doors have been opened, and verify any suspicious activity that may have caused a false alarm to go off. 

Security System Give Alerts When Alarms Are Disabled

A security system can also be used to let you know when people come and go from your home. You can get notifications when the alarm system is enabled or disabled with specific codes, letting you know exactly who has come into the home. It can let you know that your child got home safely from school or that the dog walker arrived on schedule to take your dog for a walk.

Security Systems Tie In With Smoke Detectors

One of the nice things about security systems is that they tie in with other smart features of your home. You can have the smoke detector tied to the alarm system, which will notify the fire department if the smoke detector goes off when you are not around. This can give the fire department the extra time they need to get to your home and respond to a fire. 

Security Systems Give You A Panic Button

A nice feature of a security system is that they often come with a panic button that you can use to call the police immediately. You can keep this panic button near your bed at night, or keep it easily accessible on the first floor. This can be great if you have children that need to call the police while they are home alone since the panic button dials out as if you were calling 911.