3 Questions To Ask When Getting Internet Service Installed At Your Home

Are you currently shopping around for an Internet service provider for your home? If so, you'll want to ask these questions before signing up so that you know what you are getting. 

What Are The Upload Speed Limitations?

When you look at a package that advertises a certain speed, know that most of the time that is referring to the speed that you can download files. Upload speeds are usually different and are capped at a certain amount.

It is common for coax cable-based Internet services to limit upload speeds due to the physical limitation of the way the Internet is brought to your home, with more bandwidth being dedicated to downloading than uploading. Fiber internet providers transit the service over light, and typically do not have these same limitations. If you are looking into fiber Internet, it is common for your upload speeds to match your download speeds.

What Are The Equipment Rental Costs

The price advertised by your Internet service provider is the cost for the Internet service itself. However, there are also charges to rent equipment from the provider. This can include a modem with a built-in router, which is necessary to get Internet service in your home. You'll want to understand what those equipment costs are, and if you can save money by bringing your own equipment. While you'll be paying more money upfront, it can result in long-term savings. 

Be aware that it may not be possible to rent your own equipment if you are also bundling a landline phone service with your Internet package. This is because the modems used for this are unique to your Internet service provider, and renting the modem is necessary to plug in your physical phone line and have access to emergency call services. 

Is There A Contract?

You always want to know if there is a contract as part of signing up for the service, and what happens if you were to break that contract. You'll also want information about if your rate is guaranteed with your contract, and what your rate will potentially go up to after your contract expires.

If you are renting your home, inquire about what happens if you move to a new place before the contract is up. Some service providers allow you to maintain the contract by transferring the service to your new address. 

Reach out to a local Internet service provider for more information about what they offer.

For more information, contact an Internet provider near you.