The Speed Of Your Internet Connection- It’s Latency That Counts

The Internet plays a central role in the day-to-day activities of most consumers. You probably rely on your on demand Internet connection to access information, download files, and consume entertainment. The first thing that most consumers look at when selecting an Internet service provider is the speed of the connection. If you think that the speed is determined by bandwidth, you are mistaken. It is the latency of your connection that really counts. Read More 

You Might Not Have Thought Of These 3 Benefits Of A Smart Home Security System

Smart home security systems can do an excellent job of protecting any home. However, there are some less obvious benefits to these security systems. Here are three ways you can use your smart home security system that may not have occurred to you: 1. Turn on your lights remotely. Experts usually recommend that homeowners hire a house sitter before leaving on an extended trip. A house sitter's primary purpose is to keep your home from looking vacant, which helps to deter burglars. Read More 

Want High-Speed Internet in Your Home? 4 Tips for Getting the Best Setup

Whether you are living in a rental or a home that you own, you may know that your family can benefit from a fast Internet connection throughout the entire house. However, when this is not something that you are getting, you may want to put time and effort into making it happen. Following several tips on setting your home up with high-speed Internet will help you provide your family with an impressive Internet connection that they can rely on at any time. Read More